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High Level Infeed Palletizer

HLP-High Speed

The HLP automatic palletizer is a high level infeed palletizer from Currie by Brenton. This HLP high level infeed palletizer is ideal for packaging operations ranging from 30 to over 100 cases per minute. The Currie HLP automated palletizers can serve single or multiple packaging lines.

Currie by Brenton offers their customers the ability to select existing pack patterns or program new pack patterns on the HMI, eliminating the need to use an offline computer or to plug in a notebook computer to the automated palletizer.

Currie Pro Mach, Inc.

Features & Specs

HLP High Speed High Level Infeed Palletizer Features & Specs:

  • Fully Automatic, runs unattended
  • State-of-the-art safety features (designed in, not added on)
  • Control system stores multiple pack patterns and makes changeovers in seconds possible
  • Touch screen pack pattern programming saves time and makes the operation of the equipment more efficient
  • Multiple configurations available to accommodate a wide variety of plant layouts
  • Multiple Accumulation Layer improves throughput
  • Heavy Duty Construction for long service life
  • High Level Infeed allows palletizer to be remotely located from the packaging operation
  • Modular Design accommodates a wide variety of plant layouts
  • Machine Guarding Cat II safety minimum; Cat III optional
  • Operators Manual to access safety, changeover, maintenance, daily operation, and troubleshooting instruction

HLP High Level Infeed Palletizer

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The high speed HLP high level infeed palletizer is ideal for packing operations from 30 to 100 cases/minute.
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The HLP High Speed High Level Infeed Palletizer from Currie

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